Web Development

At NETSOL Dubai, our web developers have 15+ years of expertise in developing innovative solutions to the worldwide businesses. This include from small web applications to e-commerce solutions to enterprise applications.

Our custom made web applications can easily handle large amount of data, improve productivity, without compomising performance of the application to you ahead of your competition. This enable your to maintain total control over the look and feel of your website. This will surely transform your personalised platform into a powerful selling device that aligns itself with your existing business style.

We build websites of different kinds

In particular:

Business management: CRM systems, project management and time tracking software, human resources management systems, business analytic apps and paperflow automation tools.

Real estate: Tools for home owners, buyers and tenants, as well as systems for agents and brokers. MLS data integration, "For Sale" printed ads, marketing tools.

Education: Learning and testing process automation, personal assessment, students database, interactive textbooks.

Healthcare: HIPAA-compliant systems for ambulance, home care, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and plastic surgery clinics.

E-commerce: Online marketplace, auctions and group buying websites. Payment gateway integration, billing systems, multi-currency transactions, recurring payments, accounting and reporting tools.

Marketing and advertising: Marketing automation tools, classified ads, affiliate and referral systems.

And many other areas, like thematic travel agency, fashion studio or weather forecast service.